Organic Lawn Care Essentials Many families are turning to organic lawn care as a way to get a healthy yard without introducing unnatural chemicals into their lawns. When you go organic, the fertilizers and pesticides that used to go on your lawn are replaced with natural products that are safe for pets and children to play in. While the methods used for organic lawn care may be more expensive and take a little longer to show results, what you get in return is healthier soil that is able to remain that way for longer than a lawn treated with chemicals. Organic lawn care is often easier to keep going once you’ve made the switch to natural products, which means less work for you over time. Organic lawn care products are also less likely to cause illness or an allergic reaction in children and pets.

This makes it especially beneficial for homeowners who have a very young child or a senior citizen living in their home, as these two groups are often more prone to illness and rashes. Also, organic products that you use on your lawn are different than the weed killer or pesticides that you are used to. Organic options don’t use harsh chemicals like carbamates and benzoic acid. Instead, organic materials like corn gluten, compost, broad leaves and lime are used. These ingredients can help with anything from a rodent infestation to boosting the nutritional content of your soil to help your grass roots grow in stronger. Where to Find Organic Lawn Care Providers More companies are now offering organic lawn care options for homeowners who want to protect the environment.

The same basic options you can get from a traditional lawn care service will also be available by using organic matter. However, instead of using traditional fertilizer, the company would opt to use organic fertilizer, for example. Some of the services you can expect to find at an organic lawn care company include: Seeding and aerating lawn — Seeding and aerating your lawn allows your existing grass to grow in thicker without introducing chemicals to your soil. Organic fertilization — Organic fertilizers often enrich your soil with ingredients like manure, compost and lawn clippings. Rodent control — Organic rodent control often uses castor oil to discourage pests from entering your lawn. Other forms of organic pest deterrents may also be used.

Weed Control — Organic weed killers may use natural ingredients (like orange oil and vinegar) mixed in specific ratios to kill off weeds without harming your lawn. It may not be the most common type of lawn care service that you’ll find, but organic lawn care is something many professional lawn care companies will add to their service packages. The best way to find a lawn care company that specializes in organic lawn care options is to call around. Find out if the company you speak with offers options like top dressing and soil amendments using organic matter.

As organic lawn care becomes more popular, you might even see your favorite lawn care provider increase its all-natural offerings. Preferred Provider: Sunday Sunday is a great option for homeowners who enjoy subscription services and want an easy way to treat and maintain their lawn. A newcomer in the lawn care industry, Sunday offers customized programs using environmentally friendly nutrients delivered to your home.