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Everything You Need for an Exciting Shark Week Experience

Are you a Shark Week Fan? Can you believe that the Discovery Channel has been broadcasting this since 1988? For your Shark Week 2020, especially since travel is limited, you need to make it an event. This year I’ve put together everything I think you’ll need to enjoy Shark Week, both at home, and with some future travel plans.

Small or Large Ship Cruise – How to Choose

A lot of people are looking at the option of heading out on a cruise rather than a conventional vacation. But if that’s something you’d like to consider, you’re probably stuck debating on the type of cruise that will be perfect for your needs. There are the typical, large ship ocean cruises, and there are smaller cruise ships or private charters, both of which have their own pros and cons.

Everything You Need to Know about Cabana Bay Beach Resort

If you want to step back into the golden age of travel, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is just the place. Located on-site at the Universal Orlando Resort, Cabana Bay Resort takes you back to the 1950s and 60s with bright cheery mid-century accents. I was invited as media to review Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. All opinions are my own.

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